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Image by Cristiane Teston

About Door Decor

"The details are not the details.
They make the design"

- Charles Eames - 

Over 25 years ago I turned a hobby, into a profession. White Knight Flowers & Gifts was a bustling florist in nestled in the heart of Drumcondra for nearly two decades, a hub in the village, it was known near and far for the welcoming atmosphere and stunning creations.

In 2018 I focused in specifically on Wedding Floristry, working from my beautiful quaint studio, I have been part of so many amazing wedding days, bring a touch of art and creativity to such special events in so many people’s lives.

Then in March this year, the world was faced with a very unexpected change. Practically overnight my business for 2020 was wiped, with so many poor couples being faced with the unprecedented decisions to postpone their weddings. With time on my hands and my lovely little studio bare, I decided to brighten up my hall door with one of my favorite home decor treats, a gorgeous door wreath. In just a matter of days, neighbors were knocking saying how lovely it looked, and would I do them one, soon word spread and in no time, Door Decor was born.

“In adversity, opportunity thrives”

I’m so proud to bring you my silk creations, to share with you my colorful designs and hope that they will lift your spirits, those of your families, and for everyone passing by your home. They have for me and I’m sharing the love with as many people as I can.

I have decades of experience, education, knowledge, and passion for floristry and I’m delighted to bring this to my new venture, and it present to the world in the form, of Door Decor.

Marie x

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